About Us

eCubed was founded in 2012 by the Managing Director, Amritha Rugbeer. She started the company with the intention of empowering people and business alike. Her entrepreneurial spirit combined with a fear of becoming irrelevant, pushed her to disrupt her own business model. eCubed prides itself in providing consulting services that assist organisations with their disruptive strategies and partners with them on the journey of implementation and execution. Today, eCubed is a galleria of avant-garde solutions for the market place of tomorrow.


To empower and enable organisations’ to achieve their vision by utilising disrupters to acquire more customers and /or optimize their operations


To become the number one disruption partner of our clients


Incubated Learning, Innovation, Fun, and Collaboration


We are disruption specialists operating at the "bleeding" edge of technology.


We provide consulting services that assist organisations with their disruption strategies and partner with them on the journey of implementation and execution.


Our head office is based in Johannesburg but we engage across South Africa and Africa.

How can we help

Innovation + Execution = Disruption


Engage, Equip, Empower

Compliance, Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, Employee Administration and Labour Relations


Knowledge + Wisdom

Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Graph Storage and Data Managment


Strategic Resourcing

Scarce and Critical Skillsets to Support Resource Augmentation


A connected world

Internet of things and the technology landscape required to support it


Disruptive business models

Bring together internal and external partnership to create technology enabled business models


Cyber Security

Identify, Protect, Detect Respond and Recover 

our team

Amritha Rugbeer

Human In Being

A dynamic and optimistic individual who believes that her sense of purpose is to contribute positively in enriching the lives of others. 23 years’ experience across various industries with the last 14 years being in Executive Management positions. Her academic background in Human Resources coupled with her MBA and the diversity gained from working across sectors, is the foundation of her creative thinking and adaptable approach to people and business alike. A firm believer of empowerment puts her at the forefront of promoting interactive learning, knowledge sharing and creative thinking among the futurist team at eCubed.
She is instrumental in fostering our client relationships and endeavours to promote a customer-centric approach.

Tony Manavalan

Work In Progress

Tony’s passion is disruption and innovation. He does not just want to solve business problems; he wants to create entirely new and immeasurably better ways of doing things. He can see the direction that technology is going, and accurately predict how things will develop, years in advance (and in many cases make it happen). This unusual skill is of great value to any client that he engages with.
While Tony’s network of connections spans all continents, he is especially passionate about building business in Africa, where he sees enormous untapped potential.
Tony’s role in the company is to “connect the dots” by bringing diverse technologies together to solve intractable problems.

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